Cristiano Ronaldo donates €7 million to Save The Children to help earthquake-relief efforts in Nepal

Cristiano Ronaldo has donated €7 million to Save The Children to help earthquake-relief efforts in Nepal. He donated this amount because he wears No. 7 for his club Real Madrid and country Portugal.


He also took to his Twitter social media account to encourage others to give what they can.

Nobody can question that what Ronaldo has done is an admirable thing to do. You often hear people mention that he earns so much money that of course he should give money to charity. Whilst this is true, I would imagine there are a number high earners who don’t give so generously and therefore I think he deserves some credit for what he has done.

On a slightly tangent note, what I find quite interesting is the following extract from the article about this in The Independent.

Ronaldo is thought to be the world’s second-highest paid athlete, with Forbes estimating that he makes $28million (£17million) in endorsements, and $52million (£33million) in salary and winnings.

He has a history of generosity, having donated money to help rebuild Aceh, Indonesia, after the 2004 tsunami and earthquake. In 2014, Ronaldo was asked to donate items to help raise $83,000 (£52,000) to pay for an operation for a 10-month-old baby. He donated a shirt and boots, and payed for the operation on top of it.


We live in a world where someone can earn a salary of £33million pounds a year + £17million in bonuses – totaling £50million a year at the same time a child could die if their parents can’t raise £52,000 for an operation. How can this contrast exist?

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The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS and MND Association

What is it?

Get someone to pour a bucket of ice cold water over your head then nominate three other people to do it to raise money for ALS Association (in the USA) and MND Association (in the UK).  Oh, and film it and share it on social media with the hashtag #IceBucketChallenge for the purpose of spreading the campaign and raising awareness of the disease. People are asked to donate $10 if they do it and $100 if they decline.



According to the Los Angeles Times, it was the created by 29-year-old ALS patient Peter Frates. The former captain of the Boston College baseball team drew inspiration from one of the club’s post-game rituals and challenged some local athletes on Twitter to get iced.

How has it gone viral? Who’s done it?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard, Lady Gaga, Usain Bolt, Justin Timberlake, Bill Gates, Britney Spears, Ricky Gervais, Steven Spielberg and many more…


What has it achieved for the ALS charity?

The challenge has raised more than $7.6 million for the ALS Association thanks to 146,000 new donors since July 29, compared to the $1.4 million raised during the same period last year, according to the Journal.

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Friends Raise £8k for Down Syndrome Support Group

A friend of mine who I grew up with was featured in the Stockport Express this week after raising over £8,000 for a down syndrome support group. The article explains that she organised an event with her friend called ‘Party on Downs’ at St Peter’s Church Parish Centre in Hazel Grove. The event was attended by over 400 people and was a family fun day complete with a huge fair.


I am massively proud to say I am friends with Charlotte and hopefully will be able to attend the next one she organises. Keep up the good work Charlotte. Castle estate 4 life.

For more information on the support group visit –

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What is Depression? Animation from the World Health Organization

Being depressed is a statement which is often said without any thought. Some people dont understand what depression is and how it affects people. This animation from the World Health Organization tries to explain what depression is like.

Let me know your opinion of the video in the comments section of this post.

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I was part of the protest to stop QuickQuid becoming the new BWFC shirt sponsor

A week ago today my team Bolton Wanderers announced that QuickQuid would be the new shirt sponsor for two years starting from the 2013/14 season.  I was absolutely fuming with the decision as I believe pay day loan companies such as QuickQuid and Wonga are the lowest of the low and scum of the earth because they ruin peoples lives.

Since Bolton Wanderers changed their sponsor a number of seasons ago to 188bet I have not bought a replica shirt. I thought that an online betting company was the lowest we could go as a club, but then when QuickQuid was announced I realised we had hit rock bottom and I wanted to protest against it. My first reaction was to get in touch with Phil Gartside the Bolton chairman on Twitter:

I then broadcasted my views on Facebook via my wall and a number of BWFC groups. When BWFC started revealing teaser photos of the new shirt on Facebook I slammed them with comments.


At this point a petition was started ( by a fellow Bolton Wanderers fan (Andy Walton) and I was one of the first to sign. I shared it with family and friends and work colleagues. The numbers grew and grew before eventually reaching 4,482 signatures.



At this point I decided to email the club and ask them to reconsider the sponsorship with QuickQuid.


It wasnt until my 26th birthday the night before the shirts release date that BWFC announced that they would listen to the fans and dump the pay day loan company.

It made my birthday and made me realise you should always fight for what you believe in. I’ve never been so proud to be a wanderer. 1 of 4,482 standing up for what we believe in.

#proud #whitearmy #notonmyshirt #bwfc

UPDATE: Now that BWFC have announced the new sponsor is going to be FibrLec a new Bolton-based sustainable energy company which is part of the University of Bolton I can safely say that I am definitely going to be buying the new shirt when it comes out this summer. I will be able to wear the shirt with a sense of pride and achievement with what myself and 4,481 other Bolton fans have achieved.



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